The Original beard oil has been formulated with high quality oils to soften, nourish and condition your beard and skin. This oil is the perfect balance to meet your beard’s needs as ingredients have been carefully partnered to ensure you get instant and long term benefits.


Our Original Beard oil has been designed to be fast absorbing leaving your beard smooth without an oily residue as well as to prevent itchiness. The Original has the added benefits of tea tree, mandarin, cedarwood and coriander essential oils, these oils will leave an initial fresh and natural scent, that will leave your beard healthy due to their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.


Best to apply to a freshly washed dry beard. For a short beard use 2 to 3 drops, medium length beard use 3 to 5 drops and a longer beard use 5 to 7 drops, depending on personal preference and beard thickness. Massage into beard and skin then smooth with beard brush, comb or hands. Best results, use daily.

Oil Ingredients

➢ Apricot oil – Fast absorbing non greasy, nourishing, softening and moisturising oil

➢ Jojoba oil – Moisturising, soothing and antibacterial

➢ Safflower  A light oil used for conditioning and assists with healthy hair growth

➢ Castor – Moisturises and strengthens your hair, moisturises your skins and is an anti inflammatory to prevent itch

➢ Baobab – Highly moisturising and softening with many nutrients for your hair and skin

Essential Oils

➢ Tea tree – Antibacterial, fresh scent

➢ Mandarin – Soothing, fresh scent, antibacterial and antifungal

➢ Cedarwood – Antiseptic, anti inflammatory, soothing, fresh masculine woody scent

➢ Coriander – Assists with hair growth, antibacterial, soothing. Fresh earthy scent


➢ Vitamin E – Moisturising, healing, prevents itching

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